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.mp Domain Registration

$20.00 USD per .mp Domain Name per Year
Registrants Control DNS Delegation

The domain market is facing its greatest upheaval ever. With the widespread adoption of OpenID and OpenSocial, social networks are moving from networks within single domains to networks between millions of personal domains. The rise of domain-based personal identity is set to bring up to 400m new entrants into the domain market.

To meet this demand, .mp, the ccTLD for the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI) has been repurposed for personal identity and social networking. Second-level .mp domains have been integrated into the offering and are being given away to personal owners free of charge. All barriers to entry have been removed for users seeking their own second-level domain and fully functional Web site. Industry observers forecast that will drive registration growth within the .mp TLD to 7-10 million by mid-2010.

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